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Workshops and Staff Development

Staff Development on how to implement the Building Blocks Program   is available. A half day workshop is available for $200.00 per person. This includes the  Training, Curriculum Binder and Supplemenary Material CD.  For $350.00 per person, the Block Play Theme books are also included.


The staff development is generally held at a preschool or elementary school site in California. It includes an on-site observation of the Building Blocks Program in action, and a lecture which includes a Program and Curriculum binder overview.  Access to telephone/email coaching once the program has been implemented is also available.


For more information please contact


​Susan Cram at  (307) 587-4501 and (307) 2507258




Alma Obkircher (714) 588-9913



For custom block and rolling cart orders please contact:



   DeFoe Furniture 4 Kids

   910 S. Grove Ave.

   Ontario, CA 91761

   Toll Free # 1-800-553-5388

   FAX 1-909-947-3377



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