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Topic:The Work Space

      Building a Block City requires space.  This can be gained in two ways. First, is to move the furniture in your classroom against the walls. This is not my choice and only works if you opt to do block play for several days at a time. It's too labor intensive otherwise. Second, reserve space in a large common room. Generally these rooms are used for music, assemblies and other activities where a large space is required. How often you do block play will depend on on how often you can reserve the large common room. 

     Your block carts and prop tubs should have a home in this room if possible. This makes pre-lesson set-up much easier. As shown in the picture to the right, the carts containing the blocks are rolled to the center of the room, yarn for the road is taped down around them, and the city is built outside that perimeter. 

     I divide my city into a business section and a residential section, so the prop tubs for the houses are placed in one half of the room and the prop tubs for the various businesses are in the other half.  A larger room also spreads the children out and helps to avoid accidents and arguments over space. Children can move about with ease as they do business in their Block Community.

     More procedural details can be found in the Curriculum Binder that is available through this website. (See Home Page). Additional Blogs will be forthcoming.

     HAPPY BUILDING!!    Susie

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