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The two book collections pictured will assist in teaching all the Social Studies Common Core Standards. The collection to the right is the Block Play Theme Book Collection. Each title corresponds with one of the lessons in the Block Play Binder. The collection to the left is the Calendar Capers Book Collection. It is a series of books that highlights the events, holidays and seasons that occur during the course of the year. It addresses Social Studies Standards that are not directly addressed in the Block Play Curriculum Binder. There are some titles such as "Come to School" and "The Tree Lot" that are common to both collections.  Most of the books fall within the Shared Book Genre.

                         Calendar Capers Titles

Come to School                                   Sledding

Falling Leaves                                     I Have a Dream

Christopher Columbus                        Groundhog Day

Trick or Treat                                      Honest Abe

Jack-O-Lanterns                                 My Valentines

Turkey Feathers                                  Young George Washington

My Native American Friends               The Leprechaun's Gold

The Tree Lot                                        April Fool!                   

Happy Hanukkah                                 This Little Bunny                                 

The New Year's Resolution Rap           In My Garden

Block Play Theme Books

So Many Houses                           What Is a Pet?

Clink, Clink, Clank                       Sledding

The Rainbow Market                    In My Garden

Gas 'n' Go                                     The Zoo Hullabaloo

The Pizza Farm                             Turkey Feathers

Call 911!                                       Toys and Friends

Jack-O-Lantern                            My Valentines

Trick or Treat                                Trains, Boats, and Planes

The Tree Lot                                  This Little Bunny

Come to School                             Some Egg Sums

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